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Where to Get a Bike

Your choices for accessing a bike depend on your budget, location, and culture. For many women and girls around the world, their only way to access a bike is through various organizations that donate them. If you would like to help more women and girls get bikes, please donate to the organizations I’ve listed near the bottom of this page in red. (Please contact me if you know of another organization I should consider adding.)

Here are some other options that may be available to you:

  • Local Bikes Shop/Bike Co-Op If you are looking to access a bike for yourself (or someone you know) and you have the means, search for one at your local bike co-op or local bike shop (some of which have used bikes for sale);
  • Big Box Store/Thrift Shop/Neighborhood Forums If all you can afford and access is a bike from a big-box store or a thrift store, be sure it fits you comfortably and then take it to a bike mechanic to make sure it’s in good operating condition before riding it. You may also want to check out swap boards and online neighborhood forums as so many bikes are just sitting in garages or attics;
  • Bike Giveaways/Earn-a-Bike Programs There are often holiday bike giveaways and earn-a-bike programs in many communities for those who qualify;
  • Bikeshare Your city or university may also offer publicly-shared bikes at free or affordable rates.

Fun tip: A fun way I’ve made old bikes “my own” and covered up wear and tear is by painting them.


This is the bike my @pedalpowerwithpattie students use if they don’t have their own

♬ original sound – #TrustTheJourney

Check this map to see if your city is currently being served by one of the more-than-125 global Bicycle Mayors with the social enterprise BYCS. If so, that person may be able to connect you with additional bike resources in your city or country. If not, consider applying or nominating someone to be your Bicycle Mayor!

Donate money to help others get bikes from the organizations below, or contact them to see if you qualify to receive a bike from them:

World Bicycle Relief


World Vision

FB4K (Free Bikes for Kidz)

Gearing Up

100 Bikes for 100 Girls