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How to Ride a Bike

Join the thousands of people around the world who have already accessed these free classes. Although they center women and girls, they are usable by all.

Pedal Power with Pattie‘s “Learn to Balance/Pedal a Bike” Course

Via 4 fun, helpful texts from a secure third-party platform*

Via a fun, printable poster as well as a downloadable PDF:

In-Person Classes I offer one free in-person Pedal Power with Pattie class per month — meet some of my students!


Welcome Kaysha to bike riding! See @pedalpowerwithpattie for tips and inspiration, and advocacy!

♬ You Got the Power – Magnet

Pedal Power with Pattie’s “Basic Bike Skills” Course

Via 22 fun, helpful texts from a secure third-party platform*

Via downloadable PDF:

In-Person Classes

Bonus Tips and Inspiration!

Dozens of 8-to-13-second quick-learns on TikTok, plus additional insight, tips, and joy here.

*Note: Although I offer both these proprietary courses and all the tips/inspiration for free, the third-party platform for text-based delivery of the courses (1st bike skills courses in the world offered that way!) charges a very small fee. Both courses are available completely for free via PDF and you can then binge them all at once — but the daily motivation of the texts is fun, if that works better for you.

Text-based delivery of bike skills training is increasingly important moving forward as many women and girls globally are experiencing significant disruptions, especially as more and more people are displaced from their homes. They can receive this education via their cellphones, and use these new skills to maximize travel time to schools and markets.