We Have the Power to Change Our World. Bikes Help.

Bikes give women and girls access to work, school, and increased safety in remote areas while going about the daily business of living.

Using a bike for transportation is 7o% faster than walking and less expensive than mass transit or car use.

A woman on a bike inhabits public space more fully and has a disproportionately-large positive economic impact.

(Think I’m kidding? Click here.)

Bikes are light on the land and preserve air quality. Habitual bike use can improve health and wealth for women, families, and entire communities — maybe even the world. When cities are safer for women on bikes, they are safer for everyone no matter what mode of transportation you use. Even if you don’t ride a bike, you benefit from them.

Plus, riding a bike is fun, and fun matters (now more than ever).

If you want to ride a bike for the first time (or the first time in years), or help women and girls do so around the world, I’ve made it easier for you. See the links below, or in the menu bar.

You can also help by advocating for real, rubber-hits-the-road, safe access that meets best-practice guidelines. Let’s no longer accept sharrow-minded thinking, the gutter-of-failed-imagination, and compromises-that-kill from our cities, states, and countries, okay? We have the collective power to expect better than that. We are worth more.


Where to Get a Bike

Find-and-fix, buy, or borrow a bike locally, and/or support making bikes available for women and girls globally

How to Ride a Bike

Tap into free basic bike skills education via innovative and accessible means (text, downloadable PDF, and TikTok!)

See additional free resources and inspiration:

“You Go, Girl!” Toolkit

Click here


Pedal Power with Pattie outreach has been empowering women and girls globally for more than six years now. It is a pro bono initiative from Pattie Baker: Metro Atlanta Bicycle Mayor with the Amsterdam-based social enterprise BYCS; League of American Bicyclists Cycling Instructor (#5384); PeopleForBikes Ambassador; Peace Corps Uganda invitee (delayed re: COVID); author of Traveling at the Speed of Bike book and blog — and mom.

100% of proceeds from the sale of Traveling at the Speed of Bike, a quick-read memoir about a woman — and a country —at a crossroads (click here), are used to help more women and girls ride bikes. Thank you for your support.

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